Push for Cloud Manufacturing for Supply Chains

Following the latest outbreak of covid-19, supply chains have undergone tremendous pressure around the world. Recent official reports dictate how the supply chain of goods has been disrupted by factories in China and are shutting down on a massive scale systematically leading to a slowdown in production. For Midtown Gardens Official Registration website, please do contact us here. We will get back to you the soonest.

A lot of the impact is assessed on the grounds that manufacturing is still done in the old ways – that is, manufacturers produce goods of the same materials and components in bulk and distribute them through well-established supply chain networks around the world. This is good old ways as this would mean that there is economy of scale.

Footwear makes up a substantial portion of China’s exports. We have to forsee a future in manufacturing where shoes are produced when demanded. To reduce the reliance on goods and services offered in bulk from factories in China, manufacturers have to also embrace a radical shift in paradigm by harnessing cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtualisation and advanced computing technologies. Goods are to be produced on demand and orders received through cloud computing rather than through bulk ordering.

Therefore, it is noted that automation is the key and therefore we companies need to digitize their manufacture process and how to embrace order processing and the migration of orders from consumers to the manufacturers in a seamless way such that orders are properly transferred.

With cloud computing available, goods producers operate within a smart factory environment, plugged into a network of manufacturing resources and services supporting the cycle of producing. A network that is shared between companies means manufacturers can look at the parts they require for a particular product needed and thus enabling them to diversify their sources without relying on a single company. The goodness of cloud manufacturing are excellent if one considers that should a global event like a pandemic comes into place, supply lines are left intact as there are different sources available.


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