Midtown Gardens Floor Plans

Midtown Gardens Floor Plans and Site Plan at Tan Quee Lan Street Site. Different Sizes and Number of Bedrooms Available. Different Layouts

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Midtown Gardens Floor Plans will be available for viewing soon. Guocoland has designed the layouts to be bigger and this will be more for own stay. Guocoland’s Midtown Gardens will feature a development that is surrounded by Food and Beverage Options located right at the heart of the city. Please kindly register your interest for the site and floor plans.

There is no question that the Midtown Gardens features many remarkable and unique residential living spaces. Many individuals have learned, grew, and raised their families here, and many more will do so in the future. If you are interested in this residential space, then the first thing you need to understand is how to read the floor plan for each residential unit. This is a necessary skill because it can help you comparison shop and help you find the best living space to meet you and your family’s needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

In summary, a floor plan is a diagram that will show you the basic layout and design of a living space or business. It will usually show this design from a bird’s eye view. Moreover, it will often such basic information as the amount of floors, number of bedrooms, amount of bathrooms, and other amenities within the dwelling space. It will often show the floor plan in the Imperial system, which is a popular design in Singapore. You will usually see the size of the unit in square feet, but be aware that some units will use square meters.

Midtown Gardens Floor Plan Available Soon

Midtown Gardens Floor Plans at Bugis MRT Station Tan Quee Lan Street by Guocoland Launching Soon

Even though floor plans usually do not deviate from place to place, there are some characteristics in a floor plan that are unique to Singapore. Such things would include the following:

These are often known as “bomb shelters”, and they feature a room with thick steel walls designed to shield residents from the heavy bombardment often seen during times of war. These household shelters became commonplace in floor plans after passage of the Civil Defense Shelter Act in 1998. This is usually a room that is set apart for storage or used as a pantry since Singapore is largely a peaceful city-state. Be aware that if the floor plan is small, this room might take up a large portion of the apartment. You also should be aware that apartments with a bomb shelter in the hallway will appear smaller than one placed elsewhere in a unit the same size.

“PES” is an acronym for “Private Enclosed Space”, and it is an area that is known as the surrounding exterior area on the ground floor of a residential area. Depending on the size of the unit, the PES could be as small as a shoe rack or as large as a couple hundred square feet. The PES is ideal for those who enjoy gardening or meditation.

Although this is a new concept, it continues to gain traction within Singapore real estate. What it basically refers to would be an apartment that also has yet another apartment placed inside it. These “dual key units” have various types, but the most common one would be a situation where a studio is combined with a three-bedroom unit. If you are considering one of these layouts, you need to ensure that the studio apartment shares the same amenities that the larger apartment has.

Considering that Singapore residents are one of the largest employers of domestic workers, many of their apartment layouts will want a layout where their live-in help is supported. These “maid rooms” are usually found in private condos, but they also are common in smaller apartments. They can be anything from simply a pull-out bed to even a separate bedroom that is some distance from the main living areas.

When you look at the floor area of a unit, you not only should pay attention to the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, store rooms, and dining rooms, but also the little things such as supplementary spaces. Moreover, if the floor plans look humongous, it could mean that the apartment only has second-floor terraces and a swimming pool. Either way, you should always fully examine your floor plan to make sure it meets your needs in every way.

A floor plan will often tell you whether you can remodel. It all depends on how you read the floor plan. First of all, when it tell you how thick the wall is, it is giving you a good clue as to how likely it is that the wall could be demolished. Of course, you should get HDB approval before making any type of renovation.